In Saint-Laurent, every residential and non-residential building is equipped with a water meter. Water consumption fees are billed to the occupants and commonly called "water tax".

For a residential building, the basic rate is $25 per dwelling annually. This rate includes the consumption of 50,000 gallons or 228 cubic metres per year. Any consumption over that amount is billed at the rate of $1.80/1000 gallons or $0.396/m3. These water consumption fees are not included on the property tax bill. A separate bill is sent to the occupant for water consumption.

It is the landlord or homeowner who is responsible for taking the meter readings. At the end of the year, each landlord or owner receives a form for this purpose from the Service des finances. 

These fees must not be confused with the "special tax concerning water service", which is a contribution to the reserve fund for major water infrastructure projects in the city of Montréal as a whole. This tax is included in the property tax rate on the property tax bill. 

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