1. First, check the following: 

  • The temperature in your dwelling must be at least 21oC.
  • If the outside temperature is less than -23oC and the heating system is set to the maximum of its capacity, you must accept that the temperature is exceptionally a few degrees less in your dwelling.
  • A vacant dwelling or spaces that are not lived in—such as washrooms and common areas (stairs, laundry rooms and hallways)—must be maintained at a minimum temperature of 15oC.

2. Find the cause of the heating problem: 

  • Sometimes, doors and windows are not sufficiently insulated. The landlord has the responsibility of ensuring that they are air-tight and weather-proof.
  • From October 30 to April 30, unless you have double-pane windows in your dwelling, the landlord must install storm windows on top of your windows.
  • If the heating system is inadequate, it is the landlord's responsibility to ensure that it is in good working order. 

3. Contact your landlord: 

  • Your landlord is responsible for the heating system and the insulation in your dwelling and must therefore be informed of the situation to resolve the problem. 

4. If the situation is not rectified… 

  • Phone 311. An inspector will come and check your dwelling.

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