1. If there is enough room on your property to put the snow that you have removed:

You must put it there. It is prohibited to put snow on public property. 

2. If your property does not have enough room to put the snow that you have removed:

You may put it on the street before the start of snow clearance operations, as long as you comply with certain conditions:

  • Put it in such a way that it does not interfere with pedestrian or motor vehicle traffic nor block access to a building or driveway entrance. 
  • Make sure that the snow mound is no more than 2 metres wide from the curb and sidewalk. 

3. At all times, it is prohibited to put any snow at the following locations:

  • less than 5 metres from an intersection;
  • within a radius of 3 metres from a fire hydrant;
  • in front of a driveway entrance;
  • in a bus stop zone;
  • in front of institutional buildings;
  • in front of a parking place reserved for people with reduced mobility.

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