A number of authorities in the City must be informed when you move. All this can be done by phoning one single number: 311.

Water tax: Please call 311 and give the phone operator your moving date, a recent water meter reading and your new address.

Permit for street parking reserved for residents: Please phone 311. Since the permits are limited to two per dwelling, the City will cancel your permit, thereby enabling the new occupant to obtain one. There is no refund for the period not used.

Animal permits: Please phone 311. If you move to another borough in the city of Montréal, the phone operator you reach at this number will look after your address change. The ID tag will be valid in Montréal until December 31 of the current year. If you move outside Montréal, your contact information will be removed from the database.

Carte-loisirs: Please contact the Centre des loisirs staff at 514 855-6110 and give them your new address.  

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