No. Dogs are not allowed in Saint-Laurent parks. The Borough has therefore set up dog runs at the following locations: 

  • Parc Cousineau (corner O’Brien and Poirier)
  • Parc du Bois-Franc (on Rue Modigliani, between Rue des Outardes and Rue des Andes)
  • Parc Gohier (corner Beaudet and Leduc)
  • Parc Guillaume-Bruneau
  • Parc Marcel-Laurin (corner Thimens and Alexis-Nihon)
  • Parc Philippe-Laheurte (at the western end of the park) 

Rules to follow at dog runs:

  1. Each dog keeper must be responsible for no more than two dogs.
  2. Dog keepers are obliged to pick up all of their dog's droppings and to dispose of them hygienically. 
  3. Dogs must be vaccinated and must not be carriers of any diseases so as not to place the other dogs at risk. 
  4. No food or drink may be consumed by dog keepers and their pets. 

It should be noted that outside a dog run, dogs must be kept on a leash. 

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